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RAVENSHAW HELPLINE provides the best Professional Resume Writing Services. The organisation offers specialized, interview-winning, result-oriented, Resume Writing Services globally. A professionally written resume increases your chance to get the attention of potential employers during a job interview. Most career experts who are hiring only spend a few seconds looking at a resume. Your resume must stand out and immediately grab the interest of the job search. Otherwise, your resume could end up being in the discard pile if you don’t get it right. This is where it’s highly advisable to find and use professional resume writing services only.

Ravenshaw Helpline caters to creating resumes that are rich in content and designs. We at Ravenshaw Helpline understand the art behind a successful resume. We create resumes that scream out loud and clear HIRE ME! Our resumes are individually created, customised based on your industry and your experience. What do we mean when we say rich in content and design? We use keywords that are industry-specific and are used by Recruiters and Hiring Managers when they source new talent for their organisations. Our content is crafted ensuring that your career synopsis conveys the Value Proposition you bring along with you to the organization, and we take utmost care in projecting your achievements, skill sets, domain expertise, and personal strengths.

Types of Resume

Chronological resume, you have to list your job experience in date order, starting with the most recent first. The sections of a chronological resume are – Job Objective, Career and Related Accomplishments, Work Experience, Professional Affiliations & Interest -References. You’ll need to highlight your job experience. This type of resume is the best when you are applying for traditional jobs, especially positions within government entities or private institutions. In fact, this should be preferred by experienced candidates only.

  • For Professionals
  • For Government or
  • Traditional Jobs

Functional resumes are best used in situations where specific skills and accomplishments gained through experience or academic qualifications will demonstrate the candidate’s competency. Your skills should be listed in order of their importance. The categories are based on: Career Objectives, Different Functional Skills (must), Interest, References, etc. The functional resume is ideal if you are looking for a complete career change. This resume is ideal for students who have no previous work experience and are applying for their first job. Avoid the functional resume when you are applying for traditional jobs, especially positions within government entities or private institutions.

  • For Freshers
  • For Career Change and
  • For Completely New Jobs

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